The overall responsibility for ensuring satisfactory progress on a project is often the role of the project steering committee or Project Board. Day-to-day responsibility will rest with the project manager and. in all but the smallest of projects, aspects of this can be delegated to team leaders.

Figure 9.2 illustrates the typical reporting structure found with medium and The concept of a reporting large projects. With small projects (employing around half a dozen or fewer staff) hierarchy was introduced individual team members usually report directly to the project manager, but in in Chapter 1. most cases team leaders will collate reports on their section's progress and forward summaries to the project manager. These, in turn, will be incorporated into project-level reports for the steering committee and. via them or directly, progress reports for the client.

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In a PRINCE 2 environment, there is a Project Assurance function reporting to the Project Board and independent of the Project Manager

Figure 9.2 Project reporting structures.

Reporting may be oral or written, formal or informal, or regular or ad hoc and some examples of each type are given in Table9.1. While any effective team leader or project manager will be in touch with team members and available to discuss problems, any such informal reporting of project progress must be complemented by formal reporting procedures - and it is those we are concerned with in this chapter.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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