Madnick. S. E.. see Hamid. T. K. maintainability 238 in ISO 9126 241 measurement of 245 sub-characteristics of 242 maintenance and ISO 12207 305 make versus buy 306. 308 management, activities involved in 8-9 task-oriented or people-oriented 228 Mark II function points 92-94 Martinez, IVmian on pnxluct versus supplier criteria 199 Mas low. Abraham on the hierarchy of needs 218 materials as a resource 153 matrix management structure 283-284 Mayhcw. P. J.. Worseley. C. J. and Deamlcy.

P.A. tin prototy ping 72 Mayo. Elton on productivity 214 McCall. lames A. on software product quality 238-240 McGregor. Donald «hi Theory X and Y 214 mean time between failures 245 measurement 16 of quality 240

measures of effectiveness 12.22

see also objectives performance 17 predictive 17 memorandum of agreement 201 methods and technology 265-266 milestones 31.285.300

see also checkpoints Mills. Harlan on clean-room development 254-255 MITP (Managing the Implementation of the

Total Project) 114-115 Mo A, see memorandum of agreement modularity 17 money as a resource 153 monitoring of supplier 308 use of schedule in 107-108 monitoring and control 169-190 monitoring priorities 185-186 activities using critical resources 186 activities with high risks 186 activities with no free float 185 activities with small float 186 critical path activities 185 monitoring progress, in BS 6079 287 Monte Carlo simulation 52-53. 149-150. 286

most probable emir lists 257 motivation 217-221 and estimates 84 and financial reward 214 and realistic targets 84 and the hierarchy of needs 218 and the Taylorist model 217-218 by setting targets 108 improsement of 221 motivators 219

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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