Many of the readers of this book are students who will have to plan their own projects that they will have to carry out as part of their course of studies. In some cases, these will be undertaken for an external client. In other cases, a piece of software, perhaps of an experimental nature, is to be produced where there is no identifiable client, apart from a project tutor. Although the projects that are carried out for 'real' clients are more convincing tests of the student, they are in many ways more risky than the purely academic ones.

One of the problems that students face when planning projects is applying techniques that they have learnt on software project planning courses and that were designed for much larger-scale projects than their own. In this chapter we present an outline of how students should set out their plans. It is based on a structure that we have recommended to our own students over the years. It contrasts with the material in Appendix A on PRINCE 2. which is designed to support the management of large projects. The overall Step Wise approach is still applicable to the planning of your project - but the techniques used at the different steps of the planning process will need to be carefully chosen as appropriate to the scaled-down application.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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