Incremental delivery

This is similar to the 'incremental prototyping' approach mentioned above. One Principles of Software of the most prominent advocates of this approach is Tom (iilb. The approach Engineering Management involves breaking the system down into small components which are then by Tom Gilb. published by implemented and delivered in sequence. Each component that is delivered must Addison-Wesley in 1988, actually give some benefit to the user. Figure 4.5 gives a general idea of the argues strongly in favour approach. of this approach.

Figure 4.5 Intentional incremental delivery.

Advantages of this approach

These are some of the justifications given for the approach:

• the feedback from early increments can influence the later stages:

• the possibility of changes in requirements is not so great as with large monolithic projects because of the shorter timcspan between the design of a component and its delivery;

• users get benefits earlier than with a conventional approach;

• early delivery of some useful components improves cash flow, because you gel some return on investment early on;

• smaller sub-projects are easier to control and manage;

• 'gold-plating*, the requesting of features that are unnecessary and not in fact used, should be less as users will know that they get more than one opportunity to make their requirements known: if a feature is not in the current increment then it can be included in the next;

• the project can be temporarily abandoned if more urgent work crops up;

• job satisfaction is increased for developers who see their labours bearing fruit at regular, short, intervals.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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