Further exercises

1. Take a look at Amanda's project schedule shown in Figure 8.7. Identify those activities scheduled to last more than three weeks and describe how she might monitor progress on each of them on a fortnightly or weekly basis.

2. Amanda's Ciantt chart at the end of week 17 (Figure 9.5) indicates that two activities are running late. What effect might this have on the rest of the project? How might Amanda mitigate the effects of this delay?

3. Table 9.2 illustrates Amanda's earned value calculations based on workdays. Revise the table using monetary values based on the cost figures that you used in Hxercise 8.5. Think carefully about how to handle the costs of Amanda as project manager and the recovered overheads and justify your decisions about how you treat them.

4. If you have access to project planning software, investigate the extent to which it offers support for earned value analysis. If it does not do so directly, investigate ways in which it would help you to generate a baseline budget (BCWS) and track the earned value (BCWP).

5. Describe a set of change control pixK.edures that would be appropriate for Brigette to implement at Brightmouth College.

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