Further exercises

I. Burman's priority ordering for allocating resources to activities takes into account the activity duration as well as its total float. Why do you think this is advantageous?

2. If you have access to project planning software use it to produce an activity plan for Amanda's project and include the staff resource requirements for each activity. Explore the facilities of your software and answer the following questions.

• Can you set up resource types and ask the application to allocate individuals to tasks?

• Will your software allow you to specify productiv ity factors for indiv idual members of staff so that the duration of an activity depends upon who is carrying it out?

• Will your software carry out resource smoothing or provide a minimum cost solution?

• Can you replicate Amanda's resource schedule (see Figure 8.7) - or produce a better one?

3. On a large project it is often be the responsibility of a team leader to allocate tasks to individuals. Why might it be unsatisfactory to leave such allocations entirely to the discretion of the team leader?

4. In scheduling her project. Amanda ignored the risks of absence due to staff sickness. What might she have done to estimate the likelihood of this occurring and how might she have taken account of the risk w hen scheduling the project?

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