Furlher exercises

I. An organization has detected low job satisfaction in the following departments:

• the system testing group;

• the computer applications help desk:

• computer hatch input.

How could these jobs be redesigned to give more job satisfaction?

2. In Exercise I I.I. a job specification was requested.

(a) Write a job holder profile of the sort of person who would be able to fulfil the specification in terms of qualities, qualifications, previous education and experience.

(b) l-'or each element in the job holder profile that you have produced in (a) above, describe ways of finding out whether an applicant has met the requirement.

3. To what extent is the Belbin approach to balanced teams compatible with having chief programmer teams?

4. If you have been involved recently in a group activity or project, try and categorize each participant according to the Belbin classification. Were there any duplications or gaps in any of the roles? Did this seem to have any impact on progress?

5. Three different mental obstacles to good decision making were identified in the text: faulty heuristics, escalation of commitment and information overload. What steps do you think can be taken to reduce the danger of each of these?

6. In Exercise 11.8. the management style most appropriate for each of three different situations was asked for. Go back and consider how you as a manager would respond to each of these three situations in terms of practical things to do or avoid.

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