This is a component of the more general quality of flexibility. It can be defined as the productivity needed to incorporate a new feature into an existing system expressed as a percentage of the normal productivity when developing the software from scratch.

Maintainability can be seen from two different perspectives. The user will be concerned with the elapsed time between a fault s being detected and its being corrected, while the programming management will be concerned about the effort involved.

The original IOE maintenance billing system comprised 5000 SLOC and took 400 work-days to implement. An amendment to the core system caused by the

Case Study Example introduction of group accounts has lead to 100 SLOC being added which took 20 work-days to implement, thus:

productivity for the original system = 5000/400

= 12.5 SLOC/staflf day productivity for the amendment = 100/20

= 5 SLOC/staff day extcndibility = 5/12.5 x 100

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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