Expert judgement

This is asking someone who is knowledgeable about either the application area or the development environment to give an estimate of the effort needed to carry out a task. This method will most likely be used when estimating the effort needed to

See R. T. Hughes. Expert judgement as an estimating method'. Information and Software Technology. 19% 38(3) pp 67-75.

See M Shepperd and C. Schofield Estimating software project effort using analogies' in IEEE Transactions in Software Engineering. 1997 SE-23(11)pp 736-743

changc an existing piece of software. The estimator would have to carry out some kind of impact analysis in order to judge the proportion of code that would be affected and from that derive an estimate. Someone already familiar with the software would be in the best position to do this.

Some have suggested that expert judgement is simply a matter of guessing, but our own research has shown that experts tend to use a combination of an informal analogy approach where similar projects from the past are identified (sec below), and bottom-up estimating.

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