CPM conventions

There are a number of diff ering conventions that have been adopted for entering information on a CPM network. Typically the diagram is used to record information about the events rather than the activ ities - activity-based information (other than labels or descriptions) is generally held on a separate activity table.

One of the more common conventions for labelling nodes, and the one adopted here, is to divide the node circle into quadrants and use those quadrants to show the event number, the latest and earliest dates by which the event should occur, and the event slack (which will be explained later).

Draw an activity network using CPM conventions for the project specified in Exercise 6.3 Table 6.1. When you have completed it. compare your result with that shown in Figure 6.17.

Figure 6.17 The CPM network for the example project.

Figure 6.17 illustrates the network for the project specified in Table 6.1.

Figure 6.17 The CPM network for the example project.

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