Choice of process models

'The word "process* is sometimes used to emphasize the idea of a system in action. In order to achieve an outcome, the system will have to execute one or more activities: this is its process. This idea can be applied to the development of computer-based systems where a number of interrelated activities have to be undertaken to create a linal product. These activities can be organized in different ways and we can call these process models.

A major part of the planning will be the choosing of the development methods to be used and the slotting of these into an overall process model.

The planner needs not only to select methods but also to specify how the method is to be applied. With methods such as SSADM, there is a considerable degree of choice about how it is to be applied: not all parts of SSADM are compulsory. Many student projects have the rather basic failing that at the planning stage they claim that. say. SSADM is to be used: in the event, all that is produced are a few SSADM fragments such as a top level data flow diagram and a preliminary logical data structure diagram. If this is all the particular project requires, it should be stated at the outset.

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