Smoothing analyst-designer demand for stage 4 is reasonably easy. The design of 8.1 Smoothing module D could be scheduled after the design of module C. Stage 2 is more resource demand problematic as scheduling the specification of module D to start after the completion of B would delay the project. Amanda might consider doing this if whoever is specifying module A could also be allocated to module I) for the last six days - although she may well decide that drafting an extra person in to a specification activity is unsatisfactory.

If the activities arc scheduled at the earliest dates, then the plan still calls for four 8.2 Drawing a analyst-designers as shown in Figure F.8. By delaying the start of some activities, revised resource however. Amanda is able to ensure that using three analyst-designers are sufficient histogram except for a single day. This is show n in Figure F.9.

When activities are scheduled at their earliest start dates, the shaded area of each bar represents the activity's total float.

I Specify module C

Wee* number

Specify evea» tytiem

| Spooty module A

Check specifications Q Check specification C Dctjgn module AI I Design module B

Oesign modute C Des>go module D

Week number

Figure F.8 Amanda's revised l>ar chart and resource histogram.

Note that if the specification of module C were to be delayed for a further day. the project could be completed with only three analyst-designers, although its completion day would, of course, be delayed.

Once an activity is scheduled to start later than its earliest date, part of its total float will be used up' by that delay. The amount of total float that has been consumed in this way is indicated by the left hand portion of an activity's shaded bar.

wee* numoc

Figure F.9 The effect of delaying some activity starts.


spcoty ovcrai tyüicm ]

module A

module A

Che<* speof«atcosQ O«* specification C| Des^jn modi*e A| ] Design nxxWeB

Design module C Desgn module D

Che<* speof«atcosQ O«* specification C| Des^jn modi*e A| ] Design nxxWeB

Design module C Desgn module D

8.3 Identifying The critical path is now as shown in Figure F.IO. Note the lag of 15 days against critical activities activity IoE/P/4, ensuring that its start is delayed until an analyst/designer is expected to he available.

However, the availability of an analyst/designer for IoE/P/4 is dependent upon IoE/P/3 or loE/P/5 being completed on time - these two activities are therefore also now critical in the sense that a delay in both of them would delay Ioli/P/4. which is on the normal critical path. These two activities, although not on the critical path. arc. in that sense, critical.

8.4 Assigning staff Belinda must specify module B as she will then be available in time to start the to activities specification of module C. This leaves Daisy for the specification and design of module A. Belinda cannot do the design of module B as she will still be working on the module C specification when this needs to be done (6 days between days 56 and 66). This w ill have to be left to Tom, as he should he free on day 60.

Can you think of any other way in which she might have allocated the three team members to these activities?

Ixa»« I o<*f jtoE P 5 li*«*»» '34 T So«*, *r

[IpfclVKj 4 0%«]




64 raut> 04

,6? IcooywJ 90


Figure F. 10 The critical activities after delaying the start of module C.

The easiest way to calculate the total cost is to set up a table similar to Table F. 11. 8.5 Calculating

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