An analyst/programmer is expected to he able to carry out both analysis and 11.1 Tasks and programming tasks. It is likely, however, that the kinds of analysis tasks responsibilities of undertaken w ill be restricted. They may. for example, do the analysis work for an analyst/

enhancements to existing systems but not of completely new applications. Making programmer this broad assumption, a list of tasks and responsibilities might be as follows:

• carry out detailed investigations of new requirements for existing computer applications;

• analyse the results of investigations and review the solutions to problems experienced, including the estimation of relevant costs;

• prepare systems specifications in accordance w ith organizational standards;

• conduct appropriate systems testing;

• prepare functional module specifications.;

• produce and modify module structure diagrams;

• code and amend software modules;

• carry out appropriate unit testing:

• produce and amend user documentation;

• liaise with users, carry ing out appropriate training in the use of computer applications where required.

A problem here is that the programmers who make most use of reused components 11.2 Rewarding will, as a consequence, be producing less code themselves. You also want to reuse encourage programmers to produce software components that other people can use: this might help the productivity of the organization but not that of the current project that they arc working on!

You need to have a method, like function point analysis, which measures the functions and features actually delivered to the user. You also need to have some way of measuring the code used in the application that has been taken from elsewhere. Percentage targets of the amount of reused code to new code could be set and staff rewarded if the targets are met. As an alternativ e, the savings made by reuse could be measured and a profit-sharing scheme could he operated.

Programmers could be encouraged to produce and publish reusable components by a system of royalties for each time a software component is reused.

11.3 Financial 'ITiis exercise was designed lo be thought-provoking. Some thoughts that have incentives for top come out of discussion on this topic are given below.

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