Change control

So far in this chapter, we have assumed that the nature of the tasks to be carried out has not changed. A project leader like Amanda or Brigcttc might find, however, that requirements are modified because of changing circumstances or because the users get a clearer idea of what is really needed. The payroll system that Brigcttc is implementing might, for instance, need to be adjusted if the staffing structure at the college is reorganized.

Other, internal, changes will crop up. Amanda might find that there are inconsistencies in the program specifications that become apparent only when the programs are coded, and these would result in amendments to the specifications.

Careful control of these changes is needed because an alteration in one document often implies changes to other documents and the system products based on that document. The Product Flow Diagrams that have been explained in Chapter 2 indicate relationships between the products of a project w here this is the case.

Exercise 9.4 A change in a program specification will normally be carried through into changes to the program design and then changed code. What other products might need to be modified?

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