Change control proc edures

A simple change control procedure for operational systems might have the following steps.

1. One or more users might perceive a need for a modification to a system and ask for a change request to be passed to the development staff.

2. The user management consider the change request and if they approve it pass it to the development management.

3. The development management delegate a member of staff to look at the request and to report on the practicality and cost of carrying out the change. They would, as part of this, assess the products that would be affected by the change.

4. The development management report back to the user management on the findings and the user management decide whether, in view of the cost quoted, they wish to go ahead.

5. One or more developers are authorized to take copies of the master products that are to be modified.

6. The copies are modified. In the case of software components this would involve modify ing the code and recompiling and testing it.

7. When the development of new versions of the product has been completed the user management will be notified and copies of the software will be released for user acceptance testing.

8. When the user is satisfied that the products are adequate they will authorize their operational release. The master copies of configuration items will be replaced.

The above steps relate to changes to operational systems. How could they be Exercise 9.5 modified to deal with systems under development?

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