Calculating the standard deviation of each project event

Standard deviations for the project events can be calculated by carrying out a The square of the forward pass using the activity standard deviations in a manner similar to that used standard deviation is with expected durations. There is. however, one small difference - to add two known as the variance, standard deviations we must add their squares and then find the square root of the Standard deviations may sum. Exercise 7.5 illustrates the technique. not be added together but variances may.

The standard dev iation for event 3 depends solely on that of activity B. The Exercise 7.6 standard deviation for event 3 is therefore 0.33.

l or event 5 there are two possible paths. B + E or F. The total standard deviation for path B + E is V(0.33* + 0.50") = 0.6 and that for path F is 1.17; the standard deviation for event 5 is therefore the greater of the two. 1.17.

Verify that the standard dev iations for each of the other events in the project are as shown in Figure 7.4.

Figure 7.4 The PERT network with three target dates and calculated event standard deviations.
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