Project control

Project control in BS 6079 is considered under the three distinct headings of change control, financial control and progress monitoring.

Change control BS 6079 recognizes that it is essential to have a formal mechanism to control changes, hut while the requirements of such an administrative system are outlined, it does not specify any detailed steps. A major change can call for the planning cycle to he re-executed.

Financial control BS 6079 makes more specific references to financial control than PRINCE 2. The need is recognized for a process whereby the expenditure by the sponsoring organization on the project can be allocated to annual budgets. As time passes and progress is made, arrangements must be in place for the required funding to be released. Even w ith the best regulated projects, circumstances can require additional expenditure for unforeseen contingencies and a management reserve ought to be available for this.

Monitoring progress The BS 6079 emphasis on financial control is seen once again in the requirement that the project manager has a prime responsibility to report actual costs compared to planned costs. Task owners are required to pass on to the project manager revised estimates of the overall cost and projected completion dates for each task for which they have responsibility.

The compilers of BS 6079 clearly had a very strong preference for earned value analysis and the method is given considerable space in the standards document.

Not only does the project manager receive reports of progress from task owners, but he or she should warn the task owners of any external threats to their areas of activity. A report of a delay by one task owner can require the owners of tasks dependent upon the delayed task to be warned.

The need for risks to be continually assessed is stressed. Risk assessment techniques based on statistical probability arc recommended.

The need for project managers to motivate and. if needs be. negotiate with, task owners is recognized by the document. Thus having good communications is stressed, and readers are warned that specifying additions to requirements is easier before a contract is signed than afterwards!

Earned value analysis has been described in Section 9.6.

The kind of risk management techniques that BS 6079 recommends have been discussed in Chapter 7.

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