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Large organizations can have a number of software and other projects being executed at the same time. Some of these might use external suppliers of products and services. In such an environment it would be helpful if the procedures by which each project were run were standardized rather than having to be continually re-invented. However, each project will make different demands on management: some, for example, might be more technically challenging, or might affect particularly critical areas of the business or might involve larger numbers of different types of users. Because the adoption of a management method is not cost-free, the degree of control that will be cost-effective will vary from project to project. Hence any standard approach should incorporate mechanisms to tailor management procedures and structures to suit localized needs. In the UK. the government has sponsored, through the CCTA. a set of such procedures, called PRINCE, which has. after several years, been revised as PRINCE 2.

The precursor to PRINCE was a project management method called PROM IT. which suffered from the defect that it was not flexible enough to deal adequately with all types of project. This was followed by the first version of PRINCE, which was designed primarily for an IT development environment so that, for example, it was made to have a good fit with SSADM. It soon became apparent, however, that the method was applicable to projects outside the strictly IT domain and PRINCE 2 makes no specific references to IT development.

It is now possible to take examinations in PRINCE 2 and to thus be recognized as a PRINCE practitioner.

The CCTA is the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, which, among other things, recommends standards for UK government IT projects. It is the owner of PRINCE. PRINCEĀ® is the CCTA's registered trademark.

PRINCE stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments'.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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