AI Closing the project

One follow-on action will be to plan for the Post Project Review which evaluates the effectiveness of the installed system after a set period of operation.

PR I NCI; 2 div ides the closing of a project into three separate processes:

• decommissioning a project (CP I):

• identifying follow-on actions (CP2);

• evaluating the project (CP3)

Decommissioning is mainly ensuring that all the loose ends are tied up. All Project Issues should either have been resolved or have been recorded as requiring Follow-on Actions. All the planned project products should have been accepted by the client and the requested operational and maintenance arrangements should be in place. Project files will have to be stored away into an archive and all parties involved should be notified that the project is now closed. PRINCE 2 does not specify that team members and key users should have a celebratory drink, but now might be the time to consider this. Decommissioning might have been caused by an ad hoc direction (DIM) to terminate a project prematurely as it is no longer required and in this case a wake could be more appropriate.

In organizations where development resources are scarce, there might appear to be little time available to reflect on practice and to dwell on past mistakes. However, if this is not done then time will he wasted in dealing with recurrent problems. PRINCE 2 recognizes this by specifying that at this point a Project End Report should be produced, documenting the extent to which the project has met the objectives set out in the Project Initiation IXxument, and also a Lessons Iwarnt Report, which should make suggestions about how problems could be avoided in future projects.

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