When the work has been completed, the customer needs to lake action to carry out acceptance testing. The contract might put a time limit on how long acceptance testing can take, so the customer must be organized to carry out this testing before the time limit for requesting corrections expires.

We have already noted that some software houses are rather cursory with their prc-acccpiance testing: the implication seeming to be that they would rather the users spent their time on testing than they themselves. This imposition can be reduced by asking to approve the supplier's internal test plans. An associated pitfall is that once the main development work is completed, the supplier not unnaturally wants to reallocate the most productive staff to other projects. The customer can find that all their problem reports are being dealt with by relative junior members of the supplier's staff, who might not be familiar with all aspects of the delivered system.

Part or all of the payment to the supplier will depend on this acceptance testing. Sometimes pan of the final payment will be retained for a period of operational ninning and is eventually paid over if the levels of reliability are as contracted for. There is usually a period of warranty during which the supplier should fix any errors found for no charge. The supplier might suggest a very short warranty period of say 30 days. It is in the customer's interests to negotiate a more realistic period of say at least 120 days.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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