A Prince project organization

PRINCE identifies roles rather than jobs. Impending on the circumstances, a role could, in fact be carried out by more that one person, or a single person could assume more than one role.

PRINCE 2 is based on the perception that the project will involve users of the products of the project, on the one hand, and suppliers of goods and services needed by the project on the other. While the users and suppliers could in fact

Note that we have followed the convention of indicating specific PRINCE 2 terms by initial capital letters. Project Board, for example. All these terms are as in the PRINCE 2 manual, which has Crown copyright.

belong to the same organization, for management and control purposes the two sides need to be carefully distinguished. Furthermore, on the customer side, two management roles exist. Any development project is carried out. not for its own sake but to do something useful for the customer organization. l"he Executive role has the responsibility of ensuring that the project continues to meet these business requirements. A danger, for example, is that development costs might grow in such a way that they exceed any benefits of the completed project. The customer side will also, of course, contain the community who will actually use the completed system on a day-to-day basis. Although we have talked about the supplier and customer sides, it could also be argued that the suppliers who will provide the system and the users who will operate it need to co-operate together to ensure that the operational system provides the benefits sought after by their customer, the 'Executive'.

PRINCE 2 specifies that the three roles of Executive. Supplier and User arc represented on a Project Board which has overall accountability for the success of the project and responsibility for the commitment of resources.

The senior staff carry ing out the respective roles will be responsible officers within their respective organizations and the oversight of the project will probably be only one of many responsibilities. Hence, the task of managing the project on a day-to-day basis will be delegated by the Project Board to a Project Manager. On a large project it could be necessary for the Project Manager to delegate the managing of certain aspects of the project to specialist Team Managers.

Conscientious and motivated staff will inevitably focus on meeting user requirements and give a lower priority to dealing with what they might see as project management 'red tape'. It could even be that the Project Manager w ith the daily burden of pushing the project forward might not be immune to this. However, this "red tape' is needed to ensure that the project remains under control and that it continues to meet its business justification. I"hus, some assurance is needed, independent of project management, that project management procedures are being properly followed. The ultimate responsibility for this assurance resides with the Project Board, but in practice detailed project assurance could be carried out by staff, independent of the team executing the project, who report to the Project Board members. Different types of project assurance specialists might be employed to ensure the business justification of the project is maintained, that the users' needs are being met and that the necessary technical requirements are being adhered to by the suppliers.

The Project Board. Project Manager. Team Leaders and project assurance and support staff are known collectively in PRINCE 2 as the Project Management Team.

Project supfX)rt

The Project Manager can require day-to-day support w ith the administration of the project. T his might involve such tasks as processing time sheets or updating a computer-based project management tool such as Microsoft Project. It could be convenient for one group w ithin an organization to supply this support to a number of projects. A key member of the project support team w ill be the Configuration Librarian, w ho w ill keep track of the latest v ersions of the products and documents generated by the project.

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