Managing product delivery

The processes described in 'Executing a Stage' all assume that the work needed to complete a Stage is under the direct control of the Project Manager. Of course, it could be the case that, as described in Chapter 10 on contract management, some of the work is to be carried out by third party suppliers, that is. by an external organization that is not the primary supplier in direct contact with the customer, but a sub-contractor who carries out work on behalf of the supplier. These subcontractors might not be using PRINCE 2. Hence the situation could need careful handling and PRINCE 2 provides some guidelines to help this - see Table A.3.

Table A.3 PRINCE 2 processes w hen managing product delivery


Managing product delivery (MP) processes


Accept work package


Execute work package


Deliver work package

Once the Project Manager has authorized a Work Package (CSI). as described in the 'Controlling a Stage' section, the person who is to be responsible for the execution of the Work Package needs to check the requirements of the Work Package to ensure that there is common understanding on what exactly is to be delivered, the constraints that might apply to the work and the requirements of any interfaces with other work (MPI). The Team Manager who is accepting the work must be confident that the targets can be realistically achieved. ITiis could involve working out a Team Plan detailing how the work is to be done.

Once the work has been accepted, work can start on executing the Work Package (MP2). As this could be done by a sub-contractor who does not use PRINCE 2. PRINCE 2 lays dow n the general requirement that the responsible Team Manager should have the information ready to hand to report back to the Project Manager on progress as laid down in the authorized Work Package document. Finally, the need to define and agree the process by which completed Work Packages are handed over to the Project Manager is identified (MP3).

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