Where We Are in the Product Development Life Cycle

Where are we in the product development life cycle model that serves as our map? As shown iiFigure 4-1, we are very close to the beginning. When the project manager is developing the software project management plan (SPMP), he will be considering the activities, grouped into phases, that constitute a development approach.

The waterfall used here provides a convenient platform to present the 34 competencies. We hope that you will not assume that we are advocating the waterfall model as a software development life cycle for all new projects. It does work sometimes, under some circumstances, but it is often not the most appropriate life cycle model to apply to a software development project.

One size certainly does not fit all. A project manager will always want to research and settle on an approach that is most appropriate for the product under development—and do it early in the game. The best choice may turn out to be the waterfall, but it will very likely be a more modern model.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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