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The marketing executive vice president of your business unit has just approved for release this feature set of the CASE tool developed and sold by your new subsidiary. Here are the highlights of the feature set:

xTRemeObjectMaker delivers simultaneous round-trip engineering so that models built by modelers are actually used by developers and remain always up-to-date throughout the project. It even reverse-engineers source code from any compilers compliant with the Java and Swing class. It also delivers simultaneous round-trip engineering of EJBs from any source.

xTRemeObjectMaker encourages more efficient and effective development, with automatic generation of modeling patterns, design patterns, refactorings, and EJBs. xTRemeObjectMaker lets development teams establish exactly how they want code constructed, with mandatory and optional controls at the project and the developer levels.

xTRemeObjectMaker supports true team development by keeping models, code, and documentation in sync. It includes a leading multiuser multiplatform Web-enabled version-control system, and it can also autointegrate with most leading version-control systems on the Wndows platform.

xTRemeObjectMaker automatically generates an XML-enabled portfolio of always up-to-date documentation—including Javadoc2 multiframe HTML doc, multiplatform Rich Text Format (RTF) reports, and both government-standard and corporate-standard documentation using xml_Java as the scripting language.

xTRemeObjectMaker supports customizable requirements traceability, allowing a team to track requirements data for any model elements, using any requirements-gathering methods across any domain of clients.

xTRemeObjectMaker delivers detailed visual support for UML diagrams, with significantly more comprehensive support than any other modeling product.

xTRemeObjectMaker scales to even the largest of projects; it is as scalable as any file-based version-control system. xTRemeObjectMaker includes project and subproject support for projects with hundreds or thousands of classes.

xTRemeObjectMaker includes very extensive view management, including a regular-expression language for defining custom view-management options to help define custom view "filters" via an embedded XML server.

xTRemeObjectMaker features a multilevel open object-oriented API. In fact, the majority of xTRemeObjectMaker's features are actually implemented using configuration files and the underlying API that is made available to all users at the graphical level. This allows the development of advanced scripts to generate metrics, perform a QA audit, generate sequence diagrams from source code, and autosync with third-party tool interfaces.

xTRemeObjectMaker integrates with leading development tools. Invoke any editor directly from within xTRemeObjectMaker. Add and invoke any other development tool, including a debugger. Invoke a compiler, and the following happens: xTRemeObjectMaker catches and displays error messages; double-click, and xTRemeObjectMaker takes a developer to that point in the model and source so that he can fix the error. xTRemeObjectMaker includes all the Sun JDK tools.

xTRemeObjectMaker provides complete supports for XML, DTD, and DDL. A pure Java application, xTRemeObjectMaker naturally runs on NT, 98/95, and Linux.

With these features, why are you wasting time on defining a life cycle? The marketing executive is holding your boss responsible for answering why you are not already generating code with this tool for the prototype. You, the project manager, must answer this question before tomorrow's staff meeting.

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