The Whole Is the Sum of the Parts

The personality of a project is comprised of individuals who, in turn, have complex personalities. Taibi Kahlersuggests, Observing people is like observing holograms. A hologram consists of hundreds of thousands of independent images, each of which portrays a complete object from a slightly different angle. Combined, these images create a three-dimensional display. When we view the entire display, we "get the whole picture." When we perceive a person, we "get the whole picture" of an entire personality, consisting of separate units of behavior linked in sequences or patterns. Some patterns are natural, healthy and constructive. Others are learned, negative behaviors that we exhibit when Í11


As an organization deploys the project management methodologies, care must be taken not to become so involved in the technical aspects, such as project registers and scheduling tools, that we lose sight of the real strength of the business—its people and the rich diversity of experience that they hold. The project leader must gain skill in handling people, seeing their holographic facets, and recognizing their healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns, not merely employing the processes and tools of the methodology.

Many project managers achieve their rank by having been technical experts in a given domain. A key skill, often unnatural among technical leaders, is the ability to recognize the mix of personalities that a project team possesses and maximize that mix for productivity. A team is made up of independent images, just as is each person. Several models are available from the behavioral sciences to help us with the composite. Each of us harbors a little bit of darkness within our individual personality. Management theory contains several personality models that explain how the team's collective unconstructive traits may be controlled.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

What you need to know about… Project Management Made Easy! Project management consists of more than just a large building project and can encompass small projects as well. No matter what the size of your project, you need to have some sort of project management. How you manage your project has everything to do with its outcome.

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