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In this chapter, we looked at how to assign resources when there is a WBS list of customized activities that match the chosen life cycle. The several dimensions to the resource assignment problem that a software development project manager should know about were discussed and analyzed while establishing the resource assignments. All programmers are not created equal. Jealousy and bickering can erupt over choice assignments, creating more work for the project manager to manage conflict within the team. Career paths intersect and fork. And workloads get unbalanced, leading to project schedule and morale problems.

In addressing all of these issues, the project manager's role in staffing a project and making resource choices was analyzed. These are part of human resource management. This chapter explored the roles found in software development projects, and you learned some strategies for fitting people to the roles. You saw the need for a staffing management plan and resource leveling in resource assignment for a project. The use of responsibility matrices was presented as one of the tools to use in assigning project resources as well.

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