Project managers who undertake process management before beginning a project will reap the benefits. The framework for manager and team behavior and methods for measuring progress toward project goals will be well defined and easy to follow for the duration of the project. To make the best use of the software management tools available, the organization's procedures and policies and the project's life cycle model will be determined. Also, the team will be familiar with them well before the project begins in earnest. Then, no one has to rethink what processes they should be following, and everyone can concentrate on the building the system requirements.

Process management starts with defining a project or organizational approach to developing products. Figure 3-13 shows information that can be used to define a process. As an ongoing organization, this is a representation of the knowledge base of previous project and product metrics and artifacts. For a new organization or an organization new to process, this represents the areas that would be considered for adoption. As we define the analysis cycles for process development, this figure will be used again to show the customization of basic processes for an organization.

Figure 3-13. Process Front-End Results

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