From where do you get a list of activities and tasks to run a software development project and build a software product? The source depends on whether there is any project precedent. If neither you nor your organization has done a project like this before or has any other history to draw from, then the detailed work steps to create it must be invented. An approach to invention of product development activities using brainstorming with the project team and stakeholders is described later. If there is a project precedent, reviewing the activities used on it can provide some guidance for activity identification. Even if no precedent exists, professional organizations such as the SEI, ISO, or IEEE provide sources for software development activities. The SEI models have been discussed elsewhere. ISO/IEC 12207 lists 12 engineering activities following process implementation that are similar to the phases in a typical software life cycle model:

1. System requirement analysis

2. System architectural design

3. Software requirements analysis

4. Software architectural design

5. Software detailed design

6. Software coding and testing

7. Software integration

8. Software qualification testing

9. System integration

10. System qualification testing

11. Software installation

12. Software acceptance testing

The IEEE publishes a standard for life cycle model definitions that contains 17 processes of 65 activities that cover the essential activities of software development. These will be studied in the next section.

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