Source Putnam Larry H and William Myers Measures for Excellence Reliable Software on Time Within Budget Englewood Cliffs NJ Yourdon Press


S = software size in LOC

C = environmental factor, dependent on the state of technology

K = total effort for the overall project td = delivery time constraint (schedule) in years

The environmental factor may be calculated, then, by:

Kand td are determined from historical data for previous projects of size S. The tailored value of C can then be used to calculate future estimates.

The technology constant, C, combines the effect of using tools, languages, methodology, quality assurance procedures, standards, and so on. It is determined on the basis of historical data (past projects). The values of the technology constant can vary from as little as 610 up to 57,314. C is determined from project size, area under effort curve, and project duration.

Rating: C = 2,000—poor, C = 8,000—good, C = 11,000—excellent

For example, assume that the technology constant, C, is estimated to be 4,000 (not great, but not poor) and size is estimated as 200,000 LOC. Then, plugging these numbers into the formula,

Product = Productivityx Effortx Time

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