Software Project Management Organization Life Cycle

A project management office consists of project managers, technical writers, and a minimal set of information technology specialists needed to formalize its process of software selection. Working for a public organization with its attendant oversight required a well-thought-out and formal life cycle process. Taking the waterfall model as a starting point, the 1074 map and steps were applied to develop a COTS software acquisition and implementation model.

Figure 3-12 shows the detail that this office accomplished in applying the 1074 map to the basic waterfall model. The office ended up with four major life cycle processes: requirements analysis, architecture definition, system integration and test, and technology update. Each phase has defined deliverables. Great detail was given to the place that project management and integral processes play within the organization. Prototyping was accounted for in the first two phases to be able to search for the best-of-breed software solutions while remaining within the framework of the public agencies' request for information and request for proposal guidelines. Special care was taken in the areas of configuration management and documentation to be able to turn over a complete software system to clients.

Figure 3-12. Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Development Process Model

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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