Project Description

The Chinese Railroad Ministry (CRM) is requesting proposals to build a prototype of an automated railway reservation system (ARRS). The cornerstone of this proposal will be the project plan. The project plan will be evaluated on its merits as a feasible development plan and process description. There is serious competition between prospective providers. If the organization is successful in convincing the CRM of the prototype's feasibility and portraying a successful ARRS, the organization will be given preferential consideration to manage the overall development of the final ARRS.

You do not yet have the benefit of a completed requirements analysis or design. The information provided here is intended to give you enough data to scope the effort and build the initial project plan.

Submitted plans are evaluated on their management approach and appropriateness to the project at hand. The CRM fully expects the winning vendor to update its plan as the project progresses.

Some overall statistics on train travel in China are as follows:

® There are over 10,000 train stations in China.

® Some of the peak travel lines experience extremely heavy traffic. Between Beijing and Shanghai the number of passengers traveling averages in the millions each month.

® Some of the remote regions have as few as one train per week.

® It is believed everyone in China uses a train at least once a year (there are 1.2 billion people in China).

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