Product Competency Tailoring Processes Modifying Standard Processes to Suit a Project

As discussed with competency 1, "Assessing Processes," it is often advantageous to customize or tailor processes, procedures, and life cycles to meet the specific needs of a project. The tailoring activity typically begins with the project manager's selection of the most appropriate life cycle for a project. Chapter 4. "Selecting Software Development Life Cycles," covers the characteristics of various software project life cycles and provides guidelines for selecting an appropriate one for a given software project.

Typical organizational structures are not applicable to all software projects. It is important for the project manager to recognize the type of organizational structure best suited for the project at hand, considering the environment in which it will operate. The forms of organization defined in Chapter 13, "Choosing an Organizational Form," include: functional, project expediter, project coordinator, and matrix. Each of these will be defined and discussed in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

Tailoring the project processes and environment must be done with consideration to all dependencies. Most tasks are not performed in isolation on a project. Identifying proper dependencies is a key part of getting the schedule right. Chapter 14, "Considering Dependencies," discusses some of those "tailorable" dependencies common in software development projects, including: company-wide support, configuration management, project management, and SQA; potential problem identification—high fan-in or fan-out, circular relationships, identifying the critical path, and the critical chain through unigue resources; and contracting relationships.

There are no prescriptions here, but only suggestions as to how the modification of tried and true methods can benefit the project. Flexibility and "out of the box" thinking are often reguired for appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency.

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