Product Competency Managing Requirements Monitoring Changes in Requirements

The im-portant and difficult part of getting the requirements correct is eliciting them from the stakeholders. Communication issues, varying expectations, differing needs, and many more barriers make the job complexChapter 16. "Eliciting Requirements," describes several methods for extracting and formulating true requirements for the software requirements specification, and determining the value of each.

Requirements elicitation techniques that will be covered include: interviewing, using use cases and scenario analysis, role playing,

storyboarding, forming focus groups, using story boards, building prototypes/modeling, using Joint Application Design (JAD) and similar techniques, using groupware, brainstorming and idea reduction, and selecting appropriate requirements elicitation techniques.

Defining correct requirements is perhaps the most important part of a software development project. Chapter 17, "Developing the Software Requirements Specification," describes the construction of the software requirements specification (SRS) document itself, beginning with the exploratory activity of helping the customer determine his true wants and needs. Related to this competency, we will study the mastery of requirements engineering, requirements gathering using object models, and an introduction to the SRS template and the evolution of the SRS.

Chapter 23. "Validation and Verification," covers techniques for validating the actual contents of the SRS once the requirements have been gathered and documented into the specifications template. This is another example of where the review activity should be used. More on these will be covered in discussions on executing the software project processes (Chapters 19-24). We will describe how and when techniques like these may be helpfully applied. We'll consider inspections (inspection procedures, inspection forms, and more), prototypes, quality function deployment (QFD), and tools—the set of support systems for the methods and processes.

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