Organizational Process Focus

The purpose of organizational process focus is to establish the organizational responsibility for software process activities that improve the organization's overall software process capability. It involves developing and maintaining an understanding of the organizations' and projects' software processes and coordinating the activities to assess, develop, maintain, and improve these processes.

1. Software process development and improvement activities are coordinated across the organization.

2. The strengths and weaknesses of the software processes used are identified relative to a process standard.

3. Organization-level process development and improvement activities are planned.


1. The software process is assessed periodically, and action plans are developed to address the assessment findings.

2. The organization develops and maintains a plan for its software process development and improvement activities.

3. The organization and projects' activities for developing and improving software processes are coordinated at the organization level.

4. The use of the organization's software process database is coordinated at the organizational level.

5. New processes, methods, and tools in limited use in the organization are monitored, evaluated, and, where appropriate, transferred to other parts of the organization.

6. Training for the organization and projects' software processes is coordinated across the organization.

7. The groups involved in implementing the software processes are informed of the organization and projects' activities for software process development and improvement.

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