Organizational Process Definition

The purpose of organizational process definition is to develop and maintain a usable set of software process assets that improve process performance across the projects and provide a basis for cumulative, long-term benefits to the organization. It involves developing and maintaining the organization's standard software process, along with related process assets, such as descriptions of software life cycles, process tailoring guidelines and criteria, the organization's software process database, and a library of software process-related documentation.


1. A standard software process for the organization is developed and maintained.

2. Information related to the use of the organization's standard software process by the software projects is collected, reviewed, and made available.


1. The organization's standard software process is developed and maintained according to a documented procedure.

2. The organization's standard software process is documented according to established organizational standards.

3. Descriptions of software life cycles that are approved for use by the projects are documented and maintained.

4. Guidelines and criteria for the projects' tailoring of the organization's standard software process are developed and maintained.

5. The organization's software process database is established and maintained.

6. A library of software process-related documentation is established and maintained.

Figure 3-3 shows the triangle formed by the people, technology, and process determinants of our software project and product success. These are the three major elements that determine the cost of the software produced, the project's performance to schedule, and the ultimate delivered quality of the product. Along with the applicable members of the 34 competencies, this chapter will provide instruction in these two

1. The evolution of the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle into a model that is used to evaluate all of the project management and software engineering knowledge areas and processes to clarify what is in place versus what is needed before determining how to proceed.

2. IEEE 1074-1997, "IEEE Standard fo r Developing Software Life Cycle Processes," is the most comprehensive tool for determining a software development life cycle and the attendant support processes.

Figure 3-3. Project Success Determinants

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