People 23 Appraising pertörmanee 34. Handling hnto-MCCtual properly £5. Holding elfectivo meetings £6l Interaction and communication 27. Leadership

Wagging change 29- Negotiating successlglly 3Û. Planning careers j>. Presenting el festively 32. Recruiting 33 Selecting a team 34- "l^annjuiltfing

4. Evaluating alternative processes—Estimate using at least two techniques.

8. Selecting methods and tools—Estimating is a method with a series of process steps; there are many tools available to support the process, both manual and automated.

9. Tailoring processes—All estimating models may be calibrated to reflect an organization's environment. Project Management Skills

13. Documenting plans—Decomposed product and project tasks lead to size, effort, and cost estimation, and then ultimately to the project schedule. All are represented in the software project management plan (SPMP). Estimation risks are documented in a separate risk plan or as a segment in the SPMP.

14. Estimating cost and 15. Estimating effort—Predictions of size lead to predictions of effort.

18. Scheduling—Knowledge of effort also leads to schedule estimation.

19. Selecting metrics—Units of size are a metric. Once chosen (size, estimated effort months [hours, days, weeks], estimated schedule duration, estimated cost), they will be referred to consistently throughout the project. They will be used in comparing estimates to actual results.

People Management Skills

It is difficult to list separate people competencies because almost all of them are required in almost every activity of software development. With estimating effort, schedule and cost, the following people skills are particularly helpful:

24. Handling intellectual property

25. Holding effective meetings

26. Interaction and communication

27. Leadership

28. Managing change

29. Negotiating successfully 31. Presenting effectively

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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