Figure Projectized Organization

Source: Cable, Dwayne, andJohn R. Adams. Organizing for Project Management, pp. 11-20.

The clear advantages for a project in this form of organization are that it establishes a unity of command and promotes more effective communication.

The disadvantages are that it fosters duplication of facilities and inefficient use of resources, and project team members work themselves out of a job (at project completion).

This latter one is especially important as, toward the end of the current project, the workers' attention begins to shift to pursuing their next project. This should be considered when planning the final activities in a projectized organization.

So how do you apply these structures to a software development project situation? There is no one answer for any given project, but rather a spectrum of possibilities. The terms (projectized, functional, matrix, etc.) have many variations. Robert Youker'sTable 13-2 suggests a guide to selecting the right kind of organizational structure.

To use the chart, consider the characteristics of your development project and circle the descriptions in each row that seem to best apply. When the characterization is complete, look at the column(s) where most of the circled descriptions are, for a sense of which organizational structure would fit your project best.

Most modern organizations today employ some kind of blend of these forms, depending on specific needs. Many of us who have worked in industry or government for a while are familiar with the pros and cons mentioned for these different types of organizations. The majority of organizations have a constant power struggle between the functional and project managers. Figure 13-14 illustrates this concept.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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