Figure Example Cross Reference Matrix for Software from Figure

Courtesy of Dennis J. Frailey, Principal Fellow, Raytheon Company, Piano, TX.

Info Source


Software WBS Item

SOW 1.1.1 SPEC 2.0 SPEC 2.1 PROC STD 3.4 PROC STD 3.5

Develop C Compiler Develop Compiler User l/F for PC Requirements Analysis Design

1.0 Software for C Compiler 11 Build a C Compiler 1,1.1 Build a User l/F Design for User l/F

SPEC 2.2

11.2 Build a File System

SPEC 3.0

Test Company Stds

1.2 Build the Test Suite

SOW 2.3.4

Provide User Guide

1.3 Write Documentation

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