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Customer Evaluation

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Another version, a modified view of the spiral model from the Software Productivity Consortium, may be seen inFigure 4-16.

Figure 4-16. A Modified View of the Spiral Model

Source: Software Productivity Consortium.

When to Use the Spiral Model

A project manager may feel confident that the spiral model is appropriate when several of the following conditions are met: • When the creation of a prototype is the appropriate type of product development;

® When it is important to communicate how costs will be increasing and to evaluate the project for costs during the risk quadrant activities;

® When organizations have the skills to tailor the model; ® For projects that represent a medium to high risk;

® When it is unwise to commit to a long-term project due to potential changes in economic priorities, and when these uncertainties may limit the available time frame;

® When the technology is new and tests of basic concepts are required;

® When users are unsure of their needs;

® When requirements are complex;

® For a new function or product line;

® When significant changes are expected, as with research or exploration;

® When it is important to focus on stable or known parts while gathering knowledge about changing parts; ® For large projects;

® For organizations that cannot afford to allocate all the necessary project money up-front, without getting some back along the way;

® On long projects that may make managers or customers nervous;

® When benefits are uncertain and success is not guaranteed;

® To demonstrate quality and attainment of objectives in short period of time;

® When new technologies are being employed, such as first-time object-oriented approaches;

® Wth computation-intensive systems, such as decision support systems;

® Wth business projects as well as aerospace, defense, and engineering projects, where the spiral model already enjoys popular use.

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