Complete Process for Building a Real Schedule

To summarize the whole CPM schedule building and analysis process, here are the steps from concept through critical path identification to schedule tuning and documentation:

1. Develop the work breakdown structure (WBS)

a. What activities must be done?

b. Who will do each one?

c. What materials/supplies are required?

d. How much will each activity cost?

2. Identify activity dependencies a. What can be done first?

b. What can be done next?

c. What can be done in parallel?

3. Develop a network diagram (PDM) from the WBS and dependency information

4. Do the CPM analysis computations a. Forward pass to find early times b. Backward pass for late times c. Is total duration acceptable?

5. Find and analyze critical path activities a. Can any be shortened?

b. If so, will the critical path change?

6. Perform resource allocation a. Level resources b. Is total duration still acceptable?

7. Convert the network to Gantt chart

8. Develop the cost baseline and spending curves

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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