Communication and Team Size

Many of the causes of teamicide are under the control of a project leader. Team size in relation to the project size (see Table 6-11), if inappropriate for the task, may contribute to teamicide. This is a consequence of the mythical man-month phenomenon described in Fred


Brooks' 1975 classic The Mythical Man-Month:—1 Note that a staff month is usually described as 40 hours of effort, which may be spread over a period of time that is less than or, more frequently, more than a calendar month.

Table 6-11. Project/Team Sizes

Project Size

Staff Months

Calendar Months

Typical Staff Size


Less than 6

Less than 3

Less than 3






More than 48

More than 9

More than 15

What works for a small project with a small team may not scale to a medium or large project. Certain economies and characteristics of team personality are primarily dependent on team size. Two of the most important are communication and dispersion.

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