Chapter Scheduling the Work

The schedule is derived from the WBS and includes activity duration, significant milestones and work products to be produced, and who is responsible for them. Usually represented as a Gantt chart, but equally useful as a table, the schedule adds flesh to the WBS backbone, bringing the project to life. Here is where the activity estimates come together with the WBS to form a workable schedule.

Good scheduling requires technique, and is almost an art form similar to the creation of a WBS. It starts with knowing the scope of the project, covered in Chapter 7, "Defining the Goal and Scope of the Software Project," and is refined ¡[Chapter 14, "Considering Dependencies." In this chapter, we show some of the art of scheduling a software project in the real world as a necessary project management skill. The case study project follows no firm schedule so it drifts toward disaster. In this chapter, we look at some ways to prevent this kind of aimlessness.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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