Chapter Relation to the Competencies

Understanding dependencies in a software development project requires the product development techniques of understanding development activities and tailoring the processes to meet the needs of the current project. The project management skills needed are a little bit of estimating costs and effort (especially for inventing new activities), building a WBS, scheduling, and, of course, documenting the plans as you go. To do these things effectively, you need the people management skills of interaction and good communications, of holding effective meetings, and of building a working team through leadership. These competencies are shown below.

Product Development Techniques

9. Tailoring processes—Modifying standard processes to suit a project

11. Understanding development activities—Learning the software development cycle Project Management Skills

12. Building a WBS—Building a work breakdown structure for a project

13. Documenting plans—Identifying key components

14. Estimating costs—Estimating cost to complete the project

15. Estimating effort—Estimating effort required to complete the project 18. Scheduling—Creating a schedule and key milestones

People Management Skills

25. Holding effective meetings—Planning and running excellent meetings

26. Interaction and communication—Dealing with developers, upper management, and other teams

27. Leadership—Coaching project teams for optimal results

34. Teambuilding—Forming, guiding, and maintaining an effective team

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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