Chapter Relation to the Competencies

Figure 11-2. Estimating and the 34 Competencies

1 Assessing processes

2 . Awareness ol process siondards

Defining the product

4. Evaluating alternative processes

5. Manag ng reqriraniMita 6 Managing autmntr&olwi

Performing ire initial assessment E. Selecting methods and tools Tailoring processes

10. Tracking produCl u uu liTy

11. Understanding dwfliopmonl acfvlttos

Product Development Techniques

12 Building a work Dreakflown

Strwdure 13* Documenting pi ens

14. Estimating cost

15. Estimating effort 15 Managing risks

17- Monitoring development IE. Scheduling

19. Selecting metrics

20. Selatling project managaflwrri Into

21 Tracking process £2 Trscfci net project progress

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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