Chapter Relation to the Competencies

Selecting a project team fits within the following ten competencies: Product Development Techniques

6. Managing subcontractors—Planning, managing, and monitoring performance

11. Understanding development activities—Learning the software development cycle

Project Management Skills

14. Estimating cost—Estimating cost to complete the project

15. Estimating effort—Estimating effort required to complete the project

16. Managing risks—Identifying and determining the impact and handling of risks People Management Skills

26. Interaction and communication—Dealing with developers, upper management, and other teams

27. Leadership—Coaching project teams for optimal results

32. Recruiting—Recruiting and interviewing team members successfully

33. Selecting a team—Choosing highly competent teams

34. Teambuilding—Forming, guiding, and maintaining an effective team

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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