Chapter Relation to the Competencies

This chapter concerns the competencies shown next. For identifying tasks and activities, the key product development technique needed is an awareness of the processes of software development using different life cycles. Life cycles must be evaluated and tailored to the individual needs of each project. A general understanding of software development activities (software engineering) and how to define the software product are competencies needed for task and activity identification.

The project management skills needed here are a continuation of those needed for building the WBS, such as documenting plans in an arranged structure and finding tasks and activities that can be used to create a schedule. Activity ID requires the people skills of leadership, interface, and communication, and the ability to present ideas effectively throughout the identification process.

Product Development Techniques

I. Assessing processes—Defining criteria for reviews

3. Defining the product—Identifying customer environment and product requirements

4. Evaluating alternative processes—Evaluating various approaches 9. Tailoring processes—Modifying standard processes to suit a project

II. Understanding development activities—Learning the software development cycle Project Management Skills

12. Building a work breakdown structure—Building a WBS for a project

13. Documenting plans—Identifying key components 18. Scheduling—Creating a schedule and key milestones

People Management Skills

26. Interaction and communication—Dealing with developers, upper management, and other teams

27. Leadership—Coaching project teams for optimal results

31. Presenting effectively—Using effective written and oral skills

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