Chapter Relation to the Competencies

The art of scheduling exercises the product development skills of evaluating alternative processes in light of their scheduling implications, especially for subcontracted parts of the work. The project management skills used are WBS building (mostly for refinement) and scheduling. A big part of risk management is done in creating the schedule, since the risk plan is always made against a given schedule plan. Of course, understanding scheduling for selecting and using project management scheduling tools is also a needed skill. As in many of the other project planning activities, the people management skills needed include negotiating, leading a team to effective performance, and the interaction and communication needed to run good meetings.

Product Development Techniques

4. Evaluating alternative processes—Evaluating various approaches 6. Managing subcontractors—Planning, managing, and monitoring performance Project Management Skills

12. Building a work breakdown structure—Building a work breakdown structure for a project

13. Documenting plans—Identifying key components

16. Managing risks—Identifying and determining the impact and handling of risks 18. Scheduling—Creating a schedule and key milestones 20. Selecting project management tools—Knowing how to select PM tools People Management Skills

25. Holding effective meetings—Planning and running excellent meetings

26. Interaction and communication—Dealing with developers, upper management, and other teams

27. Leadership—Coaching project teams for optimal results

29. Negotiating successfully—Resolving conflicts and negotiating successfully

31. Presenting effectively—Using effective written and oral skills

34. Teambuilding—Forming, guiding, and maintaining an effective team

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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