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Selecting and tailoring a development life cycle impacts all three areas of product development techniques, project management skills, and people management skills. Under product development techniques, a project manager must first be aware of process standards (competency 2), be able to assess them for applicability to a given project (competency 1), evaluate alternative processes (competency 4), and, if necessary, tailor the life cycle process (competency 9). The selection of methods and tools (competency 8) may also be affected by the selection of a life cycle.

Under project management skills, competency 19, selecting metrics, is affected. For example, if a project manager wants to show that holding reviews early in the life cycle reduces overall cost of development, he must keep track of review results. Managing risks, competency 16, is in play especially with some of the newer life cycle models that have been created especially for the identification and control of risk. As we will see with the spiral model, risk is assessed at the end of each development phase. The life cycle provides the outline for tracking project progress. For example, if an organization knows that the first three phases of a project have been completed and that, typically, those phases comprise 67% of the overall effort, some idea of where the project tracks with the schedule can be had. Life cycle phases often provide the highest-level work breakdown structure (WBS) activities (competency 12), which are later broken down into tasks. Under people management skills, a life cycle can aid a project manager in appraising the performance of a team member (competency 23). For example, if a developer has been assigned to gather system specifications in the requirements phase but skips to the coding phase instead, he may be in need of a software engineering education.

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