Chapter Defining the Goal and Scope of the Software Project

Up to this point, we have described processes and life cycles as a framework for performing software project management. This chapter describes the beginning of formal project creation. In this chapter, we describe how the project and product processes fit together to define a

unique project instance. The five steps of any project are why, what, how, do it, and did it. These steps are where the five PMI project processes of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing are executed, regardless of the nature of the project. We saw how the five steps mapped into business, product, and project life cycles.

We'll see what is required to define the goal and scope of a unique software development project. The techniques to be described are the S.M.A.R.T. method for goal and objective completeness, and the Is/Is Not technique for goal and objective clarification. The goal and scope become the key content for the important documents that define the project. These include the charter, scope of work statement, and software project management plan (SPMP).

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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