Box A Commonly Encountered Life Cycle in Low Maturity Organizations

Phase 1—Project Initiation

Phase 2—Wild Enthusiasm

Phase 3—Disillusionment

Phase 4—Chaos

Phase 5—Search for the Guilty

Phase 6—Punishment of the Innocent

Phase 7—Promotion of the Nonparticipants

Phase 8—Definition of the Requirements

Regardless of the life cycle chosen for the project, there will be two distinct sets of processes followed:

• Project processes:

Describe how the project team will define and execute the product development processes (see Figures 7-3 and 7-4)

• Product Describe how the software product will be built (see Figure 7-1)


Figure 7-3. Project Process Framework




* Charter *SQW


■ SPMP * Life Cycle

Do It


1 Life Cycle Execution

Figure 7-4. Project Process Integration Map

Figure 7-4. Project Process Integration Map

The product processes are introduced in Chapters 3-5, and are discussed in detail inChapters 19-24. The project processes were introduced in Chapter 3. "Process Overview," and will be discussed in detail here as we look into how to execute a specific instance of a project plan.

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